Started Manufacturing Automatic Screw Capper & Screw Cap Re-Torquer Machine with Servo Driven Torque Capping Heads integrated with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance & Capping Torque Value Report Generation of each Bottle

Started Manufacturing All in One Monoblock Machine with Inbuilt Airjet Vacuum Bottle Cleaning Station, Liquid Filling Station, Inner Plugging Station & Screw Capping Station

Introduced Automatic High Speed Rotary Bottle/ Vial Washing Machine with Washing Nozzles driven with Servo Technology suitable for speed of 240 Vials/min & 150 Bottles/min

Started Manufacturing Automatic Multi Track Electronic Tablet/ Capsule Counting & Filling Machine suitable for 80 Bottles/min

Introduced Fully Automatic e-Cigarette Cartridge Filling & Plugging Machine suitable for 25 Cartridges/min

Started Manufacturing Automatic Dry Powder Syrup Filling Lines suitable for speed of  60Bottles/min

Introduced INDIA's First Automatic High Speed Injectable Liquid Vial Filling Machine with Servo Driven Motion Filling Technology

Started Manufacturing Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Lines suitable for 120 Bottles/min

Started Manufacturing Automatic High Speed Injectable Dry Powder Filling Lines suitable for Speeds of 120 Vials/min

Introduced Automatic Bottle/Vial Washing Machine suitable for 120 Bottles/min & 240 Vials/min

Started Manufacturing Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Labelling Machine suitable for 150 & 300 Bottles/min

Introduced Automatic Airjet & Vacuum Cleaning Machine suitable for Bottles & Containers suitable for 120 Bottles/min

Designed & Developed INDIA's First Fully Automatic Aerosol Canister (MDI) Cleaning Machine on Air & Vacuum Cleaning Principle

Founded by Shri Dinesh H. Mistry